The Institute of Fire Prevention Officers (IFPO)

The Institute of Fire Prevention Officers in association with the Fire Sector Federation is holding the following free seminar in London on Wednesday 4th May 2016, to which you are invited.

(Please note the change of venue)

Topic - Can we look back and learn from ongoing analysis of the 9/11 US tragedy?

Back in 2001 we all watched the events of 9/11 challenge US Firefighters and other emergency responders. 9/11 entered record books as the deadliest incident for firefighters in the history of the United States, taking the lives of 343 Firefighters. A total of 2996 perished and many suffer to this day. 15 years on Architects, Engineers, Firefighters and grieving families are still analysing the tragedy.

This seminar is aimed at fire prevention officers, emergency responders, other professionals and MP’s/Peers. Delegates will be refreshed as to what happened on 9/11, consider recent findings, official investigations and be enlightened why the 9/11 movement exists. Delegate’s will see how the WTC building No 7, a steel frame (fire protected) Building of 47 floors located a football pitch away from the twin towers, collapsed that same afternoon in a 6 seconds freefall. Office fires and a failed steel support beam was recorded as the most likely cause. Is there a potential for UK protected buildings to collapse in the same way, if so are we prepared?

Presenter Richard Gage is the founder member of Architect & Engineers movement working closely with Firefighters for 9/11 and grieving families. Richard aims to present the latest evidence assembled, seeking a fresh investigation similar to the Hillsborough disaster of 1989. Testimony from surviving Firefighters will follow, concluded with any questions before bringing the seminar to a close. Attendees will be awarded CPD points for a joint IFPO, Fire Sector Federation and the All-Party Group event.

This event will now commence at 2pm to 5pm on Wednesday 4th May 2016 at the Institution of Civil Engineers, No. 1 Great George Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3AA. Should you wish to attend please email secretary@ifpo.org.uk for full details. Places are limited and are offered on a first come first served basis.


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